Best Private Payday Loans for 2019

Loans between private individuals, also called peer-to-peer loans , are an alternative to the classic personal loan if it is becoming increasingly popular in Italy.

The 3 best private payday loans for 2019

The 3 best private loans for 2019

A loan between private individuals can be a viable solution if you need to borrow small amounts of money and take advantage of generally low interest rates .

Unlike traditional loans, there is no specific offer or bank to rely on, but real sites that aim to bring supply and demand together. If you are interested in this financing solution, below we bring you the 3 best private payday loans of 2019 .

If you are looking for a convenient personal loan

If you are looking for a convenient personal loan

The first solution we suggest is the XZY proposal . It is a company that was part of the XYZ group only a few years ago. Nowadays it can be said that it is still a site-leader in the sector . Each user is assigned a credit score based on how much money the latter has returned. The offers are many and you can always choose from numerous promotions. On XZY you can find personal loans to meet virtually all your needs, even to repay a loan you are already repaying to a bank.

private payday loan, a platform that is still little known in Italy

It is a leader among companies in the sector that operate mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Initially designed to finance small businesses, it has recently begun to adapt its services to private customers.

Private Marketplace

Private Marketplace .

Currently it is one of the leading companies in the world and occupies the first place as regards personal loans between private peer-to-peer companies in the USA and also in Italy it is quite rooted. The membership base amounts to 250,000 people who have funded over $ 4 billion in loans over time. Here you can also find many loans broken down according to their purpose.

Some are meant for debt consolidation, others for home improvement, without forgetting long-term personal loans. Depending on the type of financing requested, it is possible to obtain a variable amount of money from 2,000 to 35,000 dollars to be repaid within 3/5 years. Also in this case the interest rates are kept at fairly low levels. For those who have large amounts of money to invest, then Private Marketplace offers different possibilities that open the door to fairly competitive returns with a cash flow option.